Pumpkin Cream Tarts

Possibly one of my most favorite pastries is the tart. The tart shell…is called Pâté Sucrée…this is actually the reason it’s my most favorite pastry. That light, buttery crust is just perfect. Not quite pie crust…like pie crust 2.0 with bonus goodness.

Pâté Sucrée also happens to be our round 2 base while competing on the Netflix show Sugar Rush. Considering the underwhelming honey flavor in that round…I think it’s safe to say Chef Ben’s Pâté Sucrée saved us!

So here it is…with a pumpkin cream cheese filling!

Pâté Sucrée


7 ounces butter -

1/2 cup sugar

2 large eggs

1 tsp salt

2 1/2 cups all purpose flour

(If you are baking with Einkorn flour, use 2 1/4 cups Einkorn flour and 3 tbsp tapioca flour)


  1. Beat salt, sugar and butter until smooth

  2. Add eggs and beat until combined

  3. Add flour 1/3 add a time, mixing until incorporated each time

    *If dough isn’t holding together, add a few drops of water

  4. Scrape dough from bowl and loosely wrap with plastic and chill

  5. Once chilled (about 45 minutes) remove from plastic and onto lightly floured surface. Knead lightly and roll to 1/8” thickness.

  6. Cut 1” larger than tart pans *if you do not have tart pans, you can use cupcake pans for mini tarts!

  7. Place dough in tart pan, lightly press into pan and trim excess.

  8. Poke holes with a fork or docker into bottom of dough

  9. Place pie weights in center of tart *if you do not have pie weights you can use parchment paper filled with uncooked beans and twisted shut

  10. Bake at 350 for 20-25 minutes

  11. Remove from heat and cool

Pumpkin Cream Cheese Filling


8oz cream cheese - softened

1/2 cup sugar

1/2 tsp vanilla extract

1/2 cup organic pumpkin puree

2 tsp Apple Pie Spice Mix

1/4 tsp ground ginger

2 drops of each vitality essential oil: cinnamon bark, clove, nutmeg, and ginger

4oz heavy whipping cream, chilled

1 Tbs powdered sugar


  1. In a mixer with a paddle attachment, soften the cream cheese on low, scraping the sides of the bowl occasionally until there are no lumps.

  2. Slowly add the sugar and mix on medium speed until it is incorporated.

  3. Add Organic Pumpkin puree, Vanilla Extract, Spice, Ginger and YL Essential Vitality Oils and mix on low-med until incorporated.

  4. Set bowl aside.

  5. In a bowl with a whisk attachment, whip Whipping cream and powdered sugar until stiff peaks. (best if bowl and attachment is chilled)

  6. Add whipped cream on top of pumpkin cream cheese mixture and fold just until incorporated.

  7. Chill in refrigerator.

Whipped Cream Topping

Beat 1 cup heavy whipping cream in chilled bowl until soft peaks form. Add 1 tbsp powdered sugar and beat until stiff peaks form Refrigerate until ready to assemble


Once your tart shells are completely cooled, fill with pumpkin cream and top with whipped cream! If you have piping bags and tips, have fun! No right or wrong way…as you can see, we each did something a little different!


Coming Down From Our Sugar Rush

They ate our cupcakes....SURREAL to say the least.

They ate our cupcakes....SURREAL to say the least.

Alright y'all, by now, most if not all of you have sat down to watch the all new Netflix original, SUGAR RUSH...episode 8 in particular! Didn't watch it? Not sure what I'm talking about? Ummm, Team Sweetness competed against three other teams for a grand prize of $10,000! Judging our confections were world renowned culinary professionals: Candace Nelson, Adriano Zumbo and Mindy Segal.  *Side note: All three of them are absolutely charming, kind and amazing to be around. And our competitors....amazing people. It was a privilege to compete alongside each and every one. And the entire crew working on production. We were seriously blown away by kind hearts.

Would we do it again? In a heartbeat. It was an incredible opportunity.


Getting ready to watch the show for the first time.

Getting ready to watch the show for the first time.

Ahhhhh! We still can't believe how everything unfolded. That was absolutely bananas and we want to share a little about it. 

UNITY: So, we've had a lot of people comment and message us with the sweetest words about our unity and the love between us while we worked under such high pressure. I want to tell you a little about that. When we first knew that being on this show was a possibility, we started praying and asked others to pray also. Our greatest fear was that we would go on this show and under the pressure be snippy with each other, or just out right crazy people who would be a poor example of the love and character of Jesus. So we prayed that if we would be an embarrassment as Christians, that the doors of opportunity would just close. We would rather not go than to go and be a poor example. When it came time to fly to Los Angeles we prayed for three things: That God could somehow be glorified through this opportunity, we prayed for tremendous unity...because sometimes we fall apart in stressful situations, and sometimes it can be difficult to work with your spouse, and we knew we couldn't possibly glorify God without unity. And lastly...just before we left I asked one sweet sister to pray for us, that we would be charming....I know that sounds really weird right. But it's so much easier to interact with people (competitors and crew) when you're not awkward or stressed or grumpy, but likable, and friendly, and encouraging and charming. (sidenote: I had recently been to Beth Moore's Living Proof Live conference and she talked about how we should be charming as Christians. We should have something about us that is different and our character should be attractive to people. Our character should be one that people like to be around). So yeah, that's how we prayed for and through this whole experience and the support and encouragement and unity you might see between us...that's a whole bunch of answered prayers. It's not that we aren't always that loving and supportive of each other, it's just that we were definitely given extra grace to pour out towards each other during the challenges. 

HOW'D WE GET ON THE SHOW? We've been asked this question a lot and it's pretty funny actually. I received an email one day from someone I didn't know saying that there was going to be a brand new baking competition show with some twists on the standard format. It said it would be on a major streaming network and that there would be big name judges and asked if we would be interested. I honestly thought it was a scam! After I closed the email I thought about it and wondered...what if it's legit...that would be pretty cool. So I googled the name of the woman who emailed me and she popped up in IMDB....woah! This is for real! So I replied that we would absolutely be interested. Next came a phone call and I had a wonderful conversation about our background and what we did at our bakery...after that was a long application form and photo submission of work we've done....then followed a long Skype interview between Ben, Myself and a producer. I had no idea what they were looking for and I'm pretty sure I blurted out some ridiculous responses to questions, but we just rolled with it. Then we had a what felt like a long wait....until we got the email that we had been chosen to compete! (happy dance and happy tears and utter fear set in right about this time) The network flew us out to L.A. and so began the incredible experience. 

PRIZE MONEY: We had a lot of people say 'I knew you won, because you went to Thailand!' or ask things like 'Did you already get the money? What did you do with it?'

Response: We have not received the prize money. We competed praying for a win so we could pay for our missions trip to Thailand. Well, we won, but winners don't actually receive prize money until after shows air. So we funded our trip with MANNA Worldwide knowing that eventually, we would receive those funds. That trip was in January! So it's been a while. But here's the awesome thing. Our trip to Thailand cost about half our prize what will we do with the rest? Pay for our next missions trip with MANNA Worldwide of course! We committed our prize money to God's work and that's exactly how we will use it. Our next trip doesn't have details set yet, but we know it will be to Guatemala with MANNA Worldwide. 

Many of you are familiar with Mango Tree Coffee because we talked about it ALL THE TIME at the bakery and we sold it there. Well, MTC has a coffee bean plantation in Guatemala, where MANNA also has an orphanage. I can't begin to tell you how my heart flutters when I think of the opportunity to go and see the plantation and love those little children. The day I learned about MTC changed my heart forever. It was the day I knew with certainty that no matter what happened with the bakery, no matter what God did in our lives, our long term vocation goals would be intertwined with ministry and that has been at the forefront of everything since then. We are so incredibly thankful that not only did this show provide the means for our last trip, but it will fully cover this next one as well. 

If you are unfamiliar with MANNA Worldwide, or if you would like to know more about how to support the work they are doing around the globe to share the love of Jesus and meet nutritional needs, please email us at . We would love to chat with you about missions trips, financial support, shoe and water filter fundraisers, or how you can have a MANNA missionary visit your church. 

I know we've come a long way from sculpted cakes...but life is an incredible journey. When we are seeking the will of the Lord and we are willing to be guided  at the risk of walking away from things/places/jobs we love, we end up in the most unexpected places, doing the most unexpected things. For us, this unexpected journey has brought immeasurable joy, purpose and blessings. 

Thank you all for watching the show, for all of the congratulations, for sharing videos of your little ones watching the show or pretending to be on the show (precious). Please continue to follow our journey. We are just getting gstarted!

-The Coopers

Team Sweetness On Netflix

Oh...My...Word...we're going to be on Netflix! 

We are so excited, and so very thankful for this opportunity. Here's the breakdown:

WHAT: Sugar Rush is a brand new baking competition show with three round elimination. This show has four teams of two, competing for a Grand Prize of $10,000! 

WHERE: Watch this show through Netflix streaming! Watch it over and over if you'd like!

WHEN: The show airs July 13th! Team Sweetness will be on FB live during our 4:30(PST) viewing. If you are in the New England area, go to HPBC for a viewing on the big screen with some of our most favorite people! Event begins at 6:30PM (EST) with show premiere at 7:30PM(EST) *We will be live during festivities prior to viewing. 

Please let us know if you will be attending here:

WHY: Well, we were asked by the producer if we'd be interested in competing on a new baking show and we said yes! After a somewhat lengthy application and interviewing process, we were asked to participate. 

WHO: Want to know who the winner is? We can't tell you! But we can say that this was an incredible experience. The production company was absolutely amazing to work with. The competitors were not only incredibly gifted at their craft, but they were all wonderful people to share this experience with. Sometimes you see people behaving rudely and quite nasty during competition shows...not this group. sure you catch us live on FB at 4:30PM (PST), and be sure to join the crowd at HPBC for the viewing if you're in the area. Feel free to ask us for more details about that. 

-The Coopers