It's June...And Life Is Preparing To Bloom

Well, it's June first. WHAT HAPPENED TO MARCH APRIL AND MAY?!?! Seriously though. 

When I left this morning to tote the children to school it was gloomy with a light dusting of pollen (I was not thrilled). But I caught a glimpse of my rose buds just waiting to bloom and it gave me a bit of hope in the morning. It was something to look forward to and to smile at. Hope is a wonderful thing isn't it?


June first brings the budding of many things for House of Sweetness. A lot like our rose bushes, we went dormant by the end of this past winter, with the closing of our cake shop; but we are budding and awaiting full boom. We have a tremendous hope for the things to come; a hope we can only grip tightly through our faith. What are we looking forward to? A new beginning. A new commissioning. Healthier living. Endless possibilities. 

In 23 days, we will drive (some of us will fly) out of the great state of Massachusetts as residents for the last time. Our home is in transition as we prepare. The children are in transition, as they prepare. Our lifestyle is in transition as we continue to pursue healthier living and seek healing from my allergy-like ailments. And our hearts are in transition. Walking away from a place we thought would be home forever is not without heartache. There is great joy and excitement because of the path we are pursuing; but that doesn't wash away the tenderness a heart feels when it leaves behind a treasured chapter, and treasured friendships. 

Our hope, oh our hope is great. The things we will pursue when we arrive and begin to establish life in our new home will be worth all of the change. To pursue meaningful living. To pursue a life of great purpose, servitude, simplicity, and love. Our hope is in the abundant life promised to us. 

We are so very excited about the adventures and positive changes this new journey will bring us. And we are so very excited to be able to share it with you.