We Found Our Home


We did it! We got the keys to what will become House of Sweetness Cake Shop; right here in our town of Billerica, MA! We didn't do it the way we thought we would, we didn't find the kind of location we thought we were looking for, but we did it with a tremendous amount of prayer and encouragement and the location we've landed in feels nothing shy of perfect. It's so much better than what we thought we were looking for. To have a place to call our own, at the very center of the town that has truly become our family's home is amazing. We look forward to meeting so many new customers and making friends along the way. We expect the shop to be open in early November and will certainly keep you posted on the grand opening! In the meantime, we are in full production and taking orders now! Stay tuned for online ordering in the next week or so. 

~Amber and Ben Cooper