The Sweetest Moment

Alright, I just have to share about a total Cake Boss moment. So we have our keys to the new shop, it's not set up at all, but I got to meet a customer there this weekend for an order pickup. Our very first customer to step foot into the shop...special moment. Let me do my best to paint the picture for you. Myself and two of my dearest friends whom I'm sure you will all meet at the shop over time are chatting with the electrician when a gentleman approaches the door with two darling daughters. I look at the girls and ask their dad "Are one of these the birthday girl?". When I identified sweet Kyra as the one celebrating her fifth birthday I knelt down and popped the cake box open a bit so she could see the Shopkins cake inside. There were no words from sweet Kyra, just her tiny fingers over face, allowing just her eyes to peek out and stare into the box with excitement. A moment, truly, I will never forget. In her overwhelming joy she turned to her big sister and gave her the biggest hug and then looked at her father and threw her arms around him, only to place her hands over her face again in complete joy over the cake we made for her. What a precious moment...the first of many I hope. We don't have photos of it, we don't have video, but it was one of those magical moments I've seen over and over on shows and each of us in the room felt it. I couldn't have asked for a better experience with our first Cake Shop customer.