Questions and Answers

Here's our common questions and answers about HOS, our menu and placing orders

Q: Do you have cakes and cupcakes to buy if I walk in?

A: Why yes we do! We have a limited menu on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, with more to offer Thursday-Saturday. You can learn more about our menu HERE


Q: Can you write a message on a cake if I buy a RTG (Ready to Go) Cake? 

A: We certainly can! While some of our RTG cakes have designs that are not message friendly, we can always write on the cake, on the board, or create a small fondant medallion on which we can write a personal message. 


Q: Do You Deliver?

A: We do deliver, with a minimum delivery fee of $30. Delivery needs to be scheduled with 14 days notice and we charge based on mileage, time of day, and size of cake being delivered. Delivery availability is not guaranteed, please call or email to check availability.


Q: How much notice do you require to place an order?

A: It all depends. So here's a basic breakdown of what we recommend and require:

  • Cupcakes: As long as they're our stock menu flavors, you can usually order by noon for pick up the next day. More notice is always appreciated. If you want tinted frosting, specific sprinkles or your own flavor combinations, we require a minimum of two days of notice and recommend a week.
  • Basic Cake (6" dessert or celebration cake/6" or 8" Simpy Sweet cakes): Order Wednesday by noon for pick up on Friday or Saturday. Some weeks, we stop taking orders on Monday, so order ASAP.
  • 8"+ and sheet cakes with basic design: We require 7 days notice. 
  • Custom Cakes (images, fondant, sculpted and tiered): We require 7 days notice. For fondant, detailed, or tiered cakes, we recommend 3-4 weeks notice. 
  • Cookies: Order by noon for stock flavors the next day 
  • Tartlettes: We require 7 days notice for tartlettes

*During wedding season and holiday weeks, we do reach order capacity 3-4 weeks in advance. We recommend placing your order as soon as you know you need a cake! Although we can usually accommodate next day and same week orders for specified items above, we cannot guarantee our availability to take any order. 


Q: When can I schedule a tasting? 

A: We offer House Tastings during normal business hours and Suite Tastings Tuesday - Saturday before or after store hours. 


Q: Do you sell coffee?

A: If by coffee you mean, can you walk in and purchase a beverage...then no. If by coffee you mean, do we sell really delicious coffee grounds that when purchased, send 100% of proceeds to MANNA Worldwide so they can feed countless children around the world...then yes, we sell Mango Tree Coffee! And we sell it at our cost, because Mango Tree really does send 100% of proceeds to MANNA Worldwide


Q: Why do you have such limited hours? 

A: We are in phase 1 of HOS. Phase 2 will be a full service bakery with extensive menu, daily hours, beverages, onsite kitchen and in-store seating! During phase 1, our priority is special orders more than daily retail. In order for us to maximize our capacity for special orders Thursday-Saturday (busy days), we need to prioritize our work load earlier in the week for proper preparations. AND! We have a family; and having a weekend (Sunday/Monday) is important so that we can show our kids that working hard and being successful doesn't have to come at the expense of work/life balance.


Q: Can I order online? 

A: Yes you can! We have many items available for online ordering. And we are constantly updating and improving items available for online order. If you would like to place a custom order, please call, email or stop by during store hours.


Q: Can I change an order after it's been place? 

A: Please see our payment policy for all terms and conditions regarding order changes, cancellations and refunds.


Q: What's MANNA Worldwide and why do you support it?

A: Excellent question! MANNA (stands for Meals And Nutritional Needs Abroad) Worldwide is an incredible organization that is bringing meals, clean water, shoes, and support to children all around the world. While we support many worthy causes, our hearts are weighed heavily for this particular ministry and we want to be able to make a difference in lives all around the world by using our business as a way to support the needs of others. Stay tuned for how HOS will support MANNA efforts.