Our Oily Story

In our house, we've begun an ongoing transformation to healthier and cleaner living. When we closed our bakery in February of 2018, we knew only a few things...we wanted to pursue a God-centered path vocationally, we needed to change our dietary habits after what looked like the onset of sudden food allergies, and we wanted to change our wellness lifestyle (or lack there of) after years of knowing we could do a better job of caring for our bodies.

This is 1 of 2 primary reasons I fell in love with Young Living. When my digestive system crashed, I ran to natural options and Young Living's oil infused supplements were all the support I needed! Order supplements at bit.ly/sweetestoils

With the introduction to Young Living Essential Oils, we discovered ways to use the natural resources of the earth to support our health and well-being. From oils and supplements to aid with all sorts of discomforts and illnesses, to cleaners and personal care products that allow us to rid our home of as many chemicals and synthetic ingredients as possible and even vitality oils that we add to our savory meals, baked goods and beverages (see recipes); we literally eat, clean and breathe essential oils; and we'll never go back.

I have to tell you...when my dear friend started telling me about them, I thought she was a wee bit off her rocker...until I experienced the physical benefits for myself (my first uses were for my immune system during international travel and also for relief from severe sinus pain brought on by allergies). Then as I raved about my relief to Chef Ben, he thought I was a wee bit off my rocker...until he burned his hand and applied Young Living's Lavender and experienced the physical benefits for himself.

The health benefits became undeniable when we took a look at the dietary supplements offered by YL. Just after the new year in 2018, I had a severe onset of what appeared to be food allergies. The allergists and physicians said I wasn't actually allergic to anything and they didn't know how to help me. My body was responding to wheat, dairy, assorted fruits and all nuts with reactions that varied from itching and burning eyes and skin, to swelling in my throat, hives, excessive swelling and sinus/ear pain. I can't explain how frustrating it was to not be able to enjoy the foods I've always enjoyed, and to not know why. Then Young Living supplements were recommended to me and after some research, Ben selected four that he thought might support my digestive enzymes, in case that was the cause of my symptoms. I began taking Life 9 , Essentialzymes 4, Allerzyme, and JuvaTone every day and within two weeks I was able to eat everything again! Literally, everything. I began by trying the foods that gave me the mildest reaction and worked my way up to a deliciously unhealthy PayDay bar (covered in peanuts). My reaction to peanuts was so severe that we had to remove all peanut products from our home and Ben couldn't kiss me if he had eaten any. So that was a scary test to take (but we had an epipen on hand). No reaction. I'm still taking my supplements daily to maintain balance in my body, but I’ve actually been able to significantly cut back the frequency and sustain balance! I am so thankful that I'm able to overcome these symptoms with products that are natural and support my health.

So I'm all better, and we had a decision to make. Do we continue in life the way we had been living, now that dietary needs were no longer a requirement; or do we acknowledge the natural tools available to us and stand firm in a decision to make a change. We decided we would be fools not to choose to take better care of our bodies and our kids' bodies. 

So here we are. We're on the sweetest journey of our lives; pursuing God's plan for us and trying to keep our bodies healthy and strong along the way...using the very things that were created to nourish and strengthen our bodies. Our hope is to be able to share this with others and help many to discover relief, nourishment and healthier living also. 

-The Coopers

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When you sign up as a retail custom OR a distributor, you are not left to figure out what to choose and how to use it on your own. You sign on to our team, which means not only is Team Sweetness at your disposal as a YL resource, but our entire upline of other knowledgeable reps are there to help guide you along as well.