The HOS Journey

House of Sweetness was founded in 2010 in Petaluma, CA, when owner Amber Abasta-Cooper took her life long interest in baking, paired it with a newly discovered gift for decorating, and watched it evolve into a thriving business. Knowing Petaluma was not her family's forever home, reality quickly set in and she was forced to realize that pursuing a full service bakery was not in the cards for her; so she returned to the world of administration and project management. In 2014 Amber and her husband Ben followed military orders to Boston, MA; where they immediately felt at home in the area, and would soon rekindle their passion for baking.

As a Chief Petty Officer in the U.S. Coast Guard, Ben Cooper never let work demands stifle his passion for everything culinary. In fall of 2015, a series of events led him to make a clear decision to invest in his family's future by doing what was necessary to pursue his family's dream while planting roots in Billerica, MA. This meant stepping back into the civilian life after 12 years of service, enrolling in the Pastry Program at The Cambridge School of Culinary Arts, and reviving the dream and vision for House of Sweetness. 

As Team Sweetness, Amber and Ben set out to build a shop that would be known, not only for wonderful cakes and cupcakes, but also a place known for a warm and welcoming feeling. A place set apart from others like it, that leaves a lasting impression in the hearts of those who step foot there. Team Sweetness settled into a small corner unit at the center of Billerica that was transformed into House of Sweetness. This would be home to the team while they continued to watch for a larger facility that could become the long term home for the full scale vision of House of Sweetness. 

After a year at 420 Boston Road, Team Sweetness had to evaluate where the long term plans were, and what would become of House of Sweetness. As the 2018 new year arrived, bringing with it changed hearts and new vision, Amber and Ben made yet another clear close the shop. A difficult decision, yes. The right one, also yes. 

Team Sweetness is now pursuing new recipes, honing teaching skills, and keeping an open mind about what the future of House of Sweetness will become. After a two week missions trip with MANNA Worldwide to Thailand, they've definitely identified that serving through missions is going to be at the heart of whatever their future plans are.

The chapter of House of Sweetness, cake and cupcake shop has closed. It was a cherished and valuable experience that provided joy, growth and a wealth of life and business experience for the team while also revealing their true passion...missions. Will Team Sweetness ever return to culinary? Not likely. At least not in the way they've done culinary in the past. The duo will continue to maintain a public presence as they continue to cook and bake and share techniques and recipes. They will continue to share their journey as they pursue a healthier lifestyle and life of serving. 

This next chapter for Amber Ben will be one of change. After closing the bakery, a path that had once presented itself resurfaced and became the undeniable way to go. To pack it all up, leave behind the place they called home, and to go to the place they said they'd never go (well, at least Amber said that, as it is the place she left nearly a decade earlier)...the Las Vegas valley. The summer of 2018 will bring relocation, lifestyle change, career change, and priority shift. Healthy living, family strengthening, and godly serving are the priorities for Team Sweetness as they push into this next endeavor. What will that look like? No one knows for sure; but follow along as their journey unfolds. Join their team of cleaner, more natural living by starting a life of living and cooking with essential oils. Give to others and change lives by joining them on a missions trip, or supporting MANNA Worldwide. Simply support their endeavors by following their updates and sharing their story.

The bakery doors may have closed, but House of Sweetness is all but gone.