About Us

Well, we were a custom cake and cupcake shop; but now we are just Chef Ben and Amber! Living the sweet life with our three crazy but amazing kids. 


FUN FACT: We came up with the name House of Sweetness because Chef Ben called Amber 'Sweetness' from the time they were just friends...and the original business started right out of their house in California. A fun play on words, and voila, House of Sweetness was born!

We strive to find new ways to take better care of our bodies and the ones we care about. We absolutely LOVE to cook and bake and eat and serve...so we've had to get quite crafty with the healthier living efforts. We have dietary needs in our family that add a fun gluten free/nut free/dairy free dynamic to a lot of the foods we make as well (not all, but a lot). We absolutley LOVE essential oils and how they've played a big role in taking better care of ourselves and our kids. It's been great to start transforming this site into a place to share information on healthier living and recipes. We look forward to building up the content. 

While culinary will always be a passion for Chef Ben and administration and public relations seems to be a passion for me, our greatest passion and our passion in common is Jesus. Our faith in Jesus has lead us through this journey thus far and while it's been far from what we had imagined, it's been nothing shy of abundantly blessed. While we are still searching for our sweet spot (where your greatest passion and greatest talent intersect - Benham Brothers) we are just moving along from one season in life to the next; embracing each and every trial and triumph. 

Currently, we are preparing to journey across the country; to transplant our family from Billerica, MA to Henderson, NV (the Las Vegas valley). Why you ask? Because God said so! Seriously though. There are some things in life you just know very clearly; regardless of how much sense it makes...or doesn't make...or whether it's the one place in the whole world you said you never wanted to move to (God has a sense of humor). While we don't know much, this is what we do know: We want to participate in as many missions trips as possible and we would love for many of them to be with MANNA Worldwide. We are so moved by the work they are accomplishing, we just know we have to be a part of it. We also know that for various reasons, we will have the most impact and opportunity to do this if we move West. We also know that we want to continue on this journey of pursuing a healthier lifestyle. But that's pretty much it. Will we open a bakery there? Probably not, but I've learned not to pretend I know the future. Will we do full time ministry work? I don't see that opportunity on the horizon, but that would be an amazing blessing to have our vocation be our ministry.

We are thankful to be at a place where we can take the biggest leap of faith we've ever taken (and we've taken some big steps in the past), and that we can take this step with complete confidence that if we are focused, committed, and dedicated to growing our family in a godly way, growing ourselves to be better disciples of Christ, and serving others however we are called to serve...well then all the right doors will open and close as they need to. We just need to be sure we are ready to walk through and do what needs to be done on the other side of those doors. 

So this is us. The Coopers. Just an average American family. We laugh a lot, we are fairly sarcastic, we love food, we love spending time with people, we love the outdoors, we love movie night and popcorn, we have 1 dog, three geckos and several fish. Our kids don't always get along, sometimes our home gets really really disorganized, and we don't have it all together; but we are trying, and we love being able to share our lives with others. Our prayer is that people will see a light of love in us and that they can be encouraged by it in some way.

We hope you enjoy following our journey. Let us know if we can pray for you, if we can share information with you on how you (or your church or workplace) can get involved with MANNA Worldwide (or Mango Tree Coffee), or if we can get you started with a healthier lifestyle using essential oils


- The Coopers